Anagram contest (Open)

In this contest you had to solve 15 anagrams. An anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For example item is an anagram of time. The fifteen anagrams in this contest are based on 15 song titles from Frances' repetoire. You had to find these fifteen song titles.

The answers of this contest can be found on a separate page.

The winners

These are the prizes you can win in this contest:

  1. The first prize winner is Glee Bohanon, who received a unique signed concert photograph of Frances, a signed copy of the Woman's Heart - A Decade On album and the CD single Haven for my Heart.
  2. The second prize winner is Guido Massaro, who also received a unique signed concert photograph of Frances and a signed copy of the CD single You Will Miss Me.
  3. The third prize winner, Fiona Monteith-Preston, received an unsigned concert photograph of Frances.
The anagrams
  1. Tara’s fellow
  2. The learned mist
  3. For heavy earthmen
  4. Tara, get Dr Benson
  5. No gloves
  6. Cheats on test
  7. Isn’t into leather
  8. All five angles
  9. Men evade dawn
  10. I Eat lemon
  11. I give Caleb most
  12. New children tarot
  13. Hire me
  14. Ahem, you talk last
  15. Kathy Doers