How High The Moon Contest (Closed)

To celebrate the release of Frances' new album, a contest was organized in which you could win several Frances Black prizes. In this contest, you had to answer three multiple choice questions.

The winners of this contest are:

  1. The first prize winner is Patrick Bell and he received a signed copy of How High The Moon, the promo single CD Magdalen Laundry, the CD single Haven For My Heart and a signed concert photograph of Frances.
  2. The second prize winner Marjie Little received a signed copy of How High The Moon and a signed copy of the CD Single You Will Miss Me
  3. The third prize winner Pat Summerfield received the promo single CD Magdalen Laundry

You can find the correct answers on the answer page.


The Questions

Which Irish island is Frances' spiritual home and the birthplace of her father?

  1. Aran Island
  2. Rathlin Island
  3. Tory Island

Approximately, how many people live on this island nowadays?

  1. 80
  2. 170
  3. 850

In which county lies this island?

  1. Antrim
  2. Donegal
  3. Galway