Registration Single CD Contest (Closed)

This was the first contest at the Frances Black Homepage. To participate in this contest was easy. Just registering as a member at this website was enough.

Currently, there are no other open contests available. But I will start another contest soon!

End Year Winner
All three CD singles Randi Klietsch
December Winners
Haven For My Heart Marjie Little
Don't Get Me Wrong Dave O'Niell
You Will Miss Me Mairia Cahill
November Winners
Haven For My Heart Guido Massaro
Don't Get Me Wrong Linda Owens
You Will Miss Me Ray Lackenby
October Winners
Haven For My Heart Linda Stock
Don't Get Me Wrong "Walter Skinner"
You Will Miss Me Linda Owens
September Winners
Haven For My Heart Bernard Kennett
Don't Get Me Wrong Rebecca Alexander
You Will Miss Me Carolyn Andre