Gael Force 
Releases Record Company Catalogue Number
Gael Force Media Productions  RTE CD 210 
Release Year 1997   
Total Playing Time 70:02   
Compilation: Gael Force (1997)
  Title Artist Duration Remarks
Thank You For Hearing Me   Sinéad O'Connor  06:22   
Retour des Hirondelles   Sharon Shannon  04:17   
Hard Times   Mary Black  04:39  with DeDannan, Tommy Fleming, Maura O'Connell and Eleanor Shanley 
Tullochgoram   Ashley McIssac  04:05  with The Chieftans 
Song For Ireland   Mary Black  05:12  with Francke Gavin and Alec Finn 
In A Lifetime   Clannad  03:37  with Brian Kennedy 
B Minor Medley   Leahy  05:13  with the Chieftans 
The Garden Valley   De Dannan  04:34  with Tommy Flemming 
All The Lies That You Told Me   Frances Black  04:33   
10  Bumper Squire Jones and Planxty Johnston   The Chieftans  02:53   
11  Maggie   Maura O'Connell  03:40  with DeDannan 
12  Life, Love and Happiness   Brian Kennedy  04:37   
13  Dancing With Rosina   Carlos Nunez  03:52   
14  A Bridge (That Carries Us Over)   Clannad  04:31   
15  Stange Ways   Christy Moore  02:52   
16  The Boxty Set   Altan  04:47   

Thanks to Charlene Costello for the information and scan of this album.