Warmer For The Spark 
Releases Record Company Catalogue Number
Dara Records  TORTV 094 
(Japan)  RU005 
Release Year 1998 
Total Playing Time 50:31 
Compilation: Warmer For The Spark (1998)
  Title Artist Duration Remarks
No Frontiers   Mary Black  3:57   
Ancient Rain   Mary Coughlan  4:32   
Ride On   Christy Moore  4:04   
Mystic Lipstick   Maura O'Connell  4:51   
My Singing Bird   Jimmy McCarthy  2:37   
The Sky Road   Frances Black  4:27   
Missing You   Christy Moore  3:44   
Adam At The Window   Mary Black  4:14   
The Mad Lady and Me   Jimmy McCarthy  3:18   
10  Still In Love   Mary Coughlan  3:53   
11  As I Leave Behind Neidin   Tommy Flemming  2:50   
12  Katie   Mary Black  3:45   
13  Love Devine   Maura O'Connell  3:36   

This compilation is a tribute to Jimmy McCarthy and according to the cover this is volume 1, so may be there will be more volumes released in the future.