Don't Get Me Wrong 
Releases Record Company Catalogue Number
Sony Music Entertainment  491421.2 (deleted)
Release Year 1998   
Total Playing Time 45:41   
CD: Don't Get Me Wrong (1998)
  Title Duration Remarks
Don't Get Me Wrong  03:50   
New York City  03:14   
Love Song  03:30   
Lost and Found  03:56   
A Kiss Doesn't Make It Right  04:22   
Haven For My Heart  04:13   
Love Me  03:20   
That's How You Know It's Love  04:27   
Every Time I Hear Your Name (I Cry)  03:41   
10  Let Me Down Gently  04:04   
11  Will You Love Me Tomorrow?  03:38   
12  Armed With A Broken Heart  03:27