You're Still The Only One 
Songwriter: Don Mescall 
Morning brings another day
To chase the nightime ghosts away
Ghosts that fill these empty rooms
Where children used to play
But children grow and move away
They visit on the holidays
I live my life from day to day without you

And you're still the only one
the only one I've ever loved
A flame lit so long ago
Is still burning in my heart

A picture fades with every year
But my memories are crystal clear
The island and the family
It all seems like yesterday
We had so many plans back then
We'd be together to the end
But fate it played a deadly hand
And left me on my own


Someone told me time would heal the pain
Someone said to try and start again
Someone said God only takes the best
This broken heart says please take someone else

Everyday I pray for you
Remembering the things we'd do
A morning waltz on kitchen tiles
Before the children go to school
You willed my everyday with love
So many things I'm grateful of
If you were here you'd wipe my tears away


At night as I lay me down
With memories of you and me
I can't help but question why
God has taken you away from me
I can't help but question why
God has taken you away from me
This song can be found on the following albums:
The Smile On Your Face  Album  1996