He Loved To Live 
Songwriter: Pat McCarthy 
Kool was a travelling singer
He lived for every day
Kool never had a winner
He didn't care anyway
Kool never worried 'bout money
He never took time to cry
Kool believed in forever
He never thought he would die

He really lived for life alone
Well he loved to live that's all
He could reach for the stars
And still take his fall
Oh he loved to live that's all

Kool was the envy of many
On his back were the tools of his trade
Wild Winds took him on his way they say
To his next uncertain day
He never thought about easy
There's no bite in a life going that way
I was born to the trade winds
You'd hear him say
And I'll return to them too one fine day


Dreams are the blueprint for living he said
So be guided by the stories they tell
In the wink of an eye there's no telling
What the present or the future may bring
In the palm of your hand you see nothing
But it's full of the riches of life
So don't be blinded by the power and the money
Don't give in to the pressures and strife

Chorus (2x)
This song can be found on the following albums:
The Smile On Your Face  Album  1996