White Dress 
Songwriter: Dave Swarbrick 
Feel how the wind blows
December despair
Bring me a ribbon
To tie up my hair

I'll stay by your side
I'll go where you go
All of my life
I'll be your woman

So kiss me and I might
Put on the white dress
If you'll take me dancing

Night's in your face
The sky's in your eyes
Day's in my eyes
And you're by my side

Whenever you're weary
I'll sing you a song
Whenever you're lonely
I'll show you along


So come from the widnow
Just climb the stairs
All of my sorrows
And none of your cares

And while life is in us
Let's live all we can
I'll be your woman
If you'll be my man

This song can be found on the following albums:
Once You Said You Loved Me  CD Single  1995 
The Smile On Your Face  Album  1996 
This Love Will Carry Album 2006
The Essential Frances Black Album 2008