Don't Be A Stranger 
Songwriter: Mark E. Nevin 
You've been avoiding
Catching my eyes for so long
So let's stop pretending
That there's nothing wrong
We haven't been talking
Only mouthing the words
We have to do something
Before it gets any worse

So be my friend or my enemy
Be whatever you have to be
But don't, don't be a stranger
Don't be a stranger
Don't be a stranger to me

I wish you would tell me
What I'm doing wrong
We could talk it over
And try to get along
So I try to imagine
My imaginatino runs wild
Maybe you're only leading
To telling me goodbye

Chorus (2x)
This song can be found on the following albums:
Talk To Me  Album  1994 
The Best Of Frances Black  Album  2000 
The Essential Frances Black Album 2008