Once You Said You Loved Me 
Songwriter: Julie Gold 
I can face another day alone
I can listen for the telephone
Funny how you never know
What may come and what may go
All the things that never show
I am waiting, even though

Three times you said it's over
Two times you said goodbye
But once you said you loved me
Was that a lie?

Empty is the tunnel that I'm in
Can't see where I am or where I've been
Should I stay, or should I leave?
Is there something to receive?
At the dawn of the eve?
Tell me, what should I believe?


Does love run out?
Does love dry up?
Does anybody know?

I'll close my eyes
I'll hold my breath
But I won't let you go

It's a feeling I have known before
Holding the right key to the wrong door
Though the train has jumped the track
Though the daylight has turned black
Though my heart sustained a crack
I still want the feeling back

Chorus (3x)
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