Love Me Or Not 
Songwriter: Julie Matthews & Chris While 
I thought I couldn't live without your love
Left me with little doubt
That's when I gave my love to you
You'd go and break my heart in two
One day you say I'm the only one
The next your up and you're ready to run
Whether you're here or whether you're gone
I'm ready to say

Love me or not, I will go on alone without you
Love me or not, I know I always will survive
Love me or not, I will be strong
Love me or not, life will go on
'Cos darling I will always love you
Love me or not

Don't think, that I don't want you in my life
But let me make it clear
If you turn and walk away from me
You won't pull my world from under me
Sometimes I think I'd be better alone
I hear your voice at the end of the phone
And though my head says leave it alone
My heart gives way


The world won't stop, love me or not
Whether or not
'Cos darling I will always love you
Love me or not
This song can be found on the following albums:
The Sky Road  Album  1995 
Once You Said You Loved Me  CD Single  1995