Songwriter: Charlie McGetigan 
Time has taken all the pain out of your leaving
And time has made it all much easier to bear
I thought I would never get over those old feelings
But time has made them fade away

Hours awake at night staring at the ceiling
And hours hoping you might come to me again
I thought your memory would always leave me crying
But time has washed those tears away

And time has cured me like you said it would
And I am over you
Although I never thought I could

Years will go by but I will never forget you
And years will only make you sweeter in my mind
My thoughts will always have a little of you in them
But time won’t let you fade away
And time won’t let you fade away

This song can be found on the following albums:
Frances Black and Kieran Goss  Album  1992 
This Love Will Carry Album 2006
The Essential Frances Black Album 2008