How Sweet The Tune
Songwriter: Briege Murphy

She cuts a tiny figure at
The picture-house front door
He said they'd meet at seven
But it's been an hour or more
So she shuns the knowning glances of
The couples passing by
Bites her lip and holds down hard
So they won't see her cry

From twilight to starlight
She waited on into the night
'Till the clock-tower chimes out ten
She knows he's let her down again
And she vows this is the last time
As the tears begins to fall
If this is love it's better she had
Never loved at all

How high the moon how sweet the tune
How big the fool that feel too soon
How deep the pain first love imparts
How could you know
How fragile the heart

Her eyes are red there's nothing said
She goes off to school
Quiet sadness follows her
That breaks my heart in two

I can't advise or patronise
As she foregoes these passage rights
Or tell her memory
Knows the way she feels

For when you learn the hard way
Second time you're shy
To cover up that sleep worn heart
The next time she won't cry

Chorus x2


This song can be found on the following albums:
Magdalen Laundry Promo 2003
How High The Moon Album 2003
This Love Will Carry Album 2006
The Essential Frances Black Album 2008