24 Hours Frances Black and Don Mescall
A Kiss Doesn't Make It Right    Tony Kerr 
A World Of Our Own    Mark E. Nevin 
After The Ball    Trad. Arr. P.J. Curtis 
Alabama John Cherokee    Traditional Arr. Black Family 
All That You Ask Me    Kieran Goss 
All The Lies That You Told Me    Christie Hennessy 
Always Will    Nanci Griffith 
Another Day James Taylor
Armed With A Broken Heart    John Guirka 
Bantry Girl's Lament     
Blue Blazin' Blind Drunk    Traditional 
Blue Old Saturday Night    Julie Mathews 
Bramble And The Rose    Barbara Keith. Arrangement The Black Family 
Cast The Stone    Kieran Goss 
Colcannon    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Colder Than Winter    Vince Gill 
Dance Tonight  
Dark and Roving Eye    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Donkey Riding    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Don't Be A Stranger    Mark E. Nevin 
Don't Get Me Wrong    Celine Carroll 
Eliza Lee    Traditional Arr. Black Family 
Emily    Beth Nielsen Chapman 
Every Time I Hear Your Name (I Cry)    Ralf Denker / Sarah Usher 
Everybody Loves A Lover    B. Adler and R. Allen 
Fallin' (I've Just Seen A Face)    Lennon/McCartney 
Falling Leaves    Dave McGilton 
Farewell To The Gold    Paul Metsers 
Fear Is The Enemy Of Love    Mark E. Nevin 
First Christmas    Stan Rogers 
Forever Lovin' You    P. Alger/G. Brooks 
Haven For My Heart    Briege Murphy 
He Loved To Live    Pat McCarthy 
Heard It All Before    Pat Alger 
Heart Like A Wheel  
Hó Ró m'Iníon Donn Bhóidheach    Traditional Arrangement Frances Black 
How Sweet The Tune Briege Murphy
I Can't Face That Lonely Road    Maurice McGrath 
I'd Cross The Wild Atlantic    Andy M. Stewart. Trad. Arr. Arcady/P.J. Curtis 
If Love Had Wings    Mark E. Nevin & Albert Hammond 
I'm Here    Bar Scott 
Intuition    John Lennon 
Isabelle    Kieran Goss 
It's Too Late  
I Would Be Stronger Than That  
James Connolly    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Jimmy mo Mhile Stór    Trad. Arr. Black / Sinnott 
Legal Illegal    Ewan McColl 
Let Me Down Gently    Tara Byrne 
Listen To The Rain    Michelle Burrowes 
Long Ago And Far Away  
Losin' Sleep    Bobby Edwards, Mildred Imes, Fred Henley, and Terry Fell
Lost and Found    Kit Hain 
Love At A Distance    Kieran Goss 
Love Me    Barry & Robin Gibb 
Love Me Or Not    Julie Matthews & Chris While 
Love Song    Lesley Duncan 
Lovers' Time    Dave McGilton 
Love's Magic Bite    Jimmy McCarthy 
Lovin' You    Seán McPhail 
Lucky Star Don Mescall
Lullaby    Dan Seals/R. Vanhoy 
Lying in My Bed Eoghan Scott
Magdalen Laundry Don Mescall
Martha’s Harbour All About Eve
My Love Is In America    Hanly 
New York City    Don Mescel 
No One Else Melissa Elliotte and Garry O’Briain
Old Bones    Jez Low 
On Grafton Street    Nanci Griffith/Fred Koller 
Once You Said You Loved Me    Julie Gold 
Over The Rainbow Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg
Peat Bog Soldiers    Traditional Arr. Black Family 
Rachrai Island Frances Black and Don Mescall
Rathlin Island (1847) Cathie Ryan
Ready For The Storm Dougie MacLean
Precious Lines Ann Marie O’Grady
Rough Ride    Jimmy McCarthy 
Send Him A Letter    Paul Castle 
Shadowing You    Karla Bonhoff 
Since Maggie Went Away    Sean O'Casey 
Since You've Gone    Mick Hanley 
Soldiers Of Destiny    Donagh Long 
Stranger On The Shore    Bilk/Mellin 
Strong Enough  
Sweet Liberty    John Shields 
Take A Chance Declan Sinnott
Talk To Me While I'm Listening    Nanci Griffith 
That's How You Know It's Love    Stephony Smith 
The Broom of The Cowdenknows    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
The Deal    Mark E. Nevin 
The Field Behind The Plough    Stan Rogers 
The Foggy Dew Father P. O'Neill. Traditional Arrangement Frances Black and Jimmy Smyth
The Hills of South Armagh Briege Murphy
The Last Word    Jimmy McCarthy 
The Motorway Song    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
The Other Side Of Love    Dale Allen, Ralph Kotkov and Peggy Sendars 
The Ploughboy Lads    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
The River    Bill Staines 
The Sky Road    Jimmy McCarthy 
The Song of the Diggers    Leon Rosselson 
The Time Has Come    C. Moore/D. Lunny 
The Warlike Lads of Russia    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
The Weakness In Me    Joan Armatrading 
This Love Will Carry    Dougie McLean 
Time    Charlie McGetigan 
Time Alone    Nanci Griffith 
Time Of Inconvenience    Nanci Griffith 
Tomorrow is a Long Time    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Try Love    Julie Gold 
Two Strong Hearts Don Mescal/Graham Henderson
Wall Of Tears    Richard Leigh/Peter McCann 
Waltzing For Dreamers  
Weave and Mend    Mary Trup 
Wheel The Perambulator    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
When You Say Nothing At All    Don Schlitz & Paul Overstreet 
White Dress    Dave Swarbrick 
Who's Lovin' You Now?    Michelle Burrowes 
Will Ye Gang, Love    Traditional. Arrangement The Black Family 
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?    Gerry Gaffin/Carole King 
You Will Miss Me    Tammy Rogers 
You Are Not Alone Jeff Tweedy
You're Still The Only One    Don Mescall