News from 2002
24 October 2002
The cover of the new A Woman's Heart - A Decade On has been made public. Check out the Discography page for this new album.
21 October 2002
The album A Woman's Heart - A decade on will be released on 8 November 2002.
21 August 2002
Dara Records have just told me that they will release another woman's heart album before Christmas this year. It will be called A Woman's Heart - A Decade On. Both Frances and Mary Black will be part of this album. Whether they will provide existing songs or news songs is not known yet. Also the names of the other artists is not released yet. When I get more information about this, I will let you know.
21 August 2002
Frances has resumed recordings for her new album. The album will probably not be released until early 2003, due to the fact of the release of a third A Woman's Heart album (see next news item). Some other interesting news: Frances has just co-written a song with Don Mescall called 24 Hours. Whether it will be on the new album or not is not known yet.
27 May 2002
On Sunday 2 June 2002, Frances will appear on the Dutch TV show "Cor op Reis" on the channel "Nederland 2" at 23:05. In this program, Dutch pianist Cor Bakker travels around the world to experience the music of different countries. Next sunday, he travels to Ireland, were, amongst others, he meets Frances. Frances will sing On Grafton Street with Cor playing the piano.
22 March 2002
More information about the recording session of the new album: The album is produced by Declan Sinnott and Frances' band consists of Pat Fitzpatrick (Grand Piano), Noel Barrett (Double Bass & Electric Bass), Danny Bert (Drums) and of course Declan Sinnott (all Guitars). Monday, Frances will start with recording her vocals.
16 March 2002
Since last Wednesday (13 March), Frances has been in the studios recording a new album, which should be released around September/October this year. She has now finished the first part and will continue recording the second part of the album next week in Limerick. As she stated herself "It is going briliant!".

She promised to keep me updated about the progress and in turn I will keep you updated.

25 February 2002
Frances will have a one-time reunion with Arcady, the group she was with in 1991, at the Irish Music Festival in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands, on the 2nd and 3rd of November 2002.
22 February 2002
The album Frances Black & Kieran Goss, which is currently not available, will be re-released later this year by Dara Records.
15 February 2002
Yesterday evening, after the Celtic Myst concert in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Frances and her manager asked me to make this website the official website of Frances.

The website remains accessible via, but we are going to attempt to move the address of the current official website to this website. After this move, this website will be accessible via both addresses for sometime (about two years).