News from 2004
11 December 2004
Frances will be appearing at one of Ireland's largest and most prestigious venues, the National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 on February 8th 2005. This concert, called the CLASAC Concert 2005, is an annual event organised by the Clontarf Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and the first half features 100 Irish singers, dancers and musicians aged between 9 and 18 years. The second half features a well-known Irish act (previous artistes have included Jimmy McCarthy, Altan and Maighread and Triona Ni Dhomhnaill) and this year it is Frances!

The concert is to raise funds for the CLASAC building, one of the largest and most comprehensive Irish Traditional Arts projects in Dublin. Clasac will serve the needs of Dublin Northside branches of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann while providing an outreach service to bring Traditional music into the schools and the communities of North Dublin and in particular the inner city.

For ticket info, see the concert page.

1 December 2004
Frances' son Eoghan Scott, who is also plays the bass guitar in Frances' band, has been part of a project called "10 Summer Nights". This was a series of ten concerts that was held in The Annesley House in Dublin in July 2004, to celebrate the first anniversary of the venue .The series featured some of the amazing artists that have played there during its first year as a live music venue. The complete line up for the series was:
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Each concert was recorded for a compilation CD & DVD of the series, which was released in November 2004,called “10 SUMMER NIGHTS (in Dublin)”.

All proceeds from the sale of the CD/DVD will go to the BRAINWAVE charity, the Irish Epilepsy Association. More information about this CD/DVD and the Brainwave charity can be found on

The CD/DVD can also be bought via the shop on this website.

17 October 2004
A local Dutch radiostation "Radio Rijnwoude" started a weekly Irish Music show, which includes many types of Irish music from traditional till contemporary and includes Frances' music (and Mary and the Black Family) regularly. The program is broadcasted from 21:00 till 23:00 on thursdays with a repeat on monday from 14:00 till 16:00. It can only be received in the town Rijnwoude and via Internet, see The openings tune is Mary's Song For Ireland.
8 September 2004
Frances will play on the Isle of Man on Sunday 24 October. See concert page for more details.
3 September 2004
Frances' recorded a new song specifically for this website during her last Dutch tour. You can download Emily from the audio page.
15 August 2004
Good news for all UK fans, a UK tour for Frances has been scheduled in November 2004. Have a look at the dates on the concert page.
5 August 2004
The new Black Family album Our Time Together will be released in Ireland on 20 August 2004.
3 August 2004
An interview with Frances Black held earlier this year will be broadcasted again this Sunday 8 August 2004 at 19.00h (U.K. time) on the show Sounds Irish on Easy Radio 1035 AM/MW in London, Sky channel 923 across Europe and on the internet
19 July 2004
Win the new Black Family album Our Time Together before it is available in the shops. See the contest page for more details.
15 July 2004
It appears that I was a bit premature. Although the release party has been held last week, the new Black Family album won't reach the shows until early August.
12 July 2004
The new Black Family album Our Time Together has been released in Ireland. See the Discography for more details of the album, including the album cover, a full track list and soundclips of every track (click on the to listen to a soundclip). The next few days more details of the album will be made available, including all lyrics, the option to order the album via the shop and a contest in which you can win this new album.
10 June 2004
Frances will give six concerts in Ireland in June and July. These concerts are listed in the concert list.
27 May 2004
The two concerts of Frances in the Netherlands in 2005 have been mistakenly listed as being in February 2005. Both concerts are in fact in April 2005. See concert list for details.
22 May 2004
Frances has two concerts planned for the Netherlands in February 2005. See concert list for details.
11 May 2004
Frances will give two concerts in the USA in June. See concert list for details.
15 April 2004
Two Irish tour dates have been added to the concert list.
5 April 2004
The Irish Unplugged DVD can now be bought from the shop on this website. To celebrate this, we opened up a contest in which you can win the DVD and other prizes.

Frances has been on the radio in the Netherlands last Saturday in the program Cappucino. She talked about how she started in the Black Family and her tour in the Netherlands. She also sang "How High The Moon". You can listen to this radio show with RealPlayer via this link. Frances is in the program at about 2 hours, 39 minutes and 50 seconds.

1 April 2004
After a long time of being unavailable, the album Frances Black and Kieran Goss has been re-released by Dara Records. The album can be bought in the shop on this website.
24 January 2004
A DVD from the Dutch Irish Unplugged Tour in February 2003 has just been released. On this DVD, Frances sings 7 songs, including the never before released (by Frances) song Over The Rainbow.

The DTS audio track of this DVD is supurb (the DVD also contains a standard stereo and Dolby Digital 5.1 track). The DVD is not region encoded and the video format is 16x9 anamorphic widescreen in the NTSC format (which is the US video format, but almost every DVD player in other countries can automatically convert this format).

1 January 2004
Frances will be part of the Irish Unplugged Tour in Denmark starting on 29 February in Copenhagen. The tour will consist of the same artists as last year in the Netherlands: Kieran Goss, Frances Black and Dave Munnelly and Friends. Details about all five concerts of the tour can be found on the concert page.