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As an extra service to the Frances Black Homepage, we offer you the possibility to buy Frances Black products from the company Frances Black Merchandising via this website. Frances Black Merchandising offers several products, ranging from most Frances Black albums to different compilations albums. The different groups of products are listed at the top menu of this page. You can order the items from these shop pages, or when you are browsing through the Discography section and see an item with the shopping cart icon .

Frances has offered to sign any CD you buy from this shop (for free of course). The choice is up to you. You can use the dropdown menu with each item to indicate whether you want to have the item signed or not.

Video formats
For those not aware of the different video formats: NTSC is mainly used in the USA and Japan, while PAL the rest of the world. Notice that most European DVD players (normally PAL) are capable of playing NTSC discs by converting the video format. However, DVDs that have a fixed region can only be played on DVD players of that region (the three main regions are: Region 1 - USA, Region 2 - Europe and Region 4 - Australia).

Items are shipped from Ireland. Shipping and packaging costs are calculated as follows (independent of the country to which the items are shipped): Shipping costs for the first item is 2.50 euro, for each additional item 2.00 euro is added. Notice, that if you have chosen for any items to be signed by Frances, it might take a bit longer for the items to be shipped, especially if Frances is on tour. I am sure you understand.

International Shipping
We can currently only offer shipment of people who are in one of the countries supported by PayPal. Due to either security problems or rules and regulations in some countries, PayPal cannot offer payments from those countries. To see the list of currently supported countries, please check the website of PayPal.

Payment for Frances Black Merchandising is handled by one of the largest and reliable Internet payment services PayPal. PayPal allows you to pay securly using your PayPal account or with various credit cards.

If you have any questions about this shop or problems with your orders, please contact the customer service of Frances Black Merchandise at