Frances Is A Star In Her Own Right

From Guardian Midweek

No longer is Frances Black referred to simply as Mary Black's sister.

This very talented member of one of Ireland's foremost musical families is now a star in her own right; her name seemed to be flyposted on every Dublin street corner when I was there last week.

Frances's fourth album "Don't Get me Wrong" has been released by Sony Columbia this week to coin- cide with her current concert tour and it marks a more main stream tack than before.

The standouts are "Lost and Found", the title track and "Love Song" which was recorded by Elton John.

Frances will be appearing at Burnley Mechanics this Thursday and you can also catch her at the Southport Theatre on October 5. Sean Keane, also a member of a famous Irish musical family, has released a third album, "No Stranger" on the Grapevine label to tie in with his latest tour.

He will be appearing at the Westhoughton Folk Club on October 23 and at the Irish World Heritage Festival in Manchester on October 29.