Irish Star Turn

From Guardian

WATCH out for the name Frances Black! Sony has big UK plans for this Irish singer, and you can see her talent in action at Worthing Assembly Hall on Saturday, September 19.

Frances is a huge star in Ireland, due largely to her two tracks on the Woman's Heart album in 1993. She has since been voted Ireland's No. 1 female artist and raked in numerous prestigious music awards, including a platinum for her third album, which was awarded on the day of its release.

She is a member of the famous Black Family and sister of Mary Black. But clearly she is no longer just Mary Black's sister over in Ireland. Sony Music has given her a new single and album, and her Worthing appearance is part of a major UK tour.

Frances is very candid about some of the more traumatic aspects of her life. She discussed her past battle with alcoholism on Irish TV's The Late Late Show and speaks openly about the illegitimate pregnancy which - as part of a small Catholic community - saw her forced into a marriage at the age of 19. This was swiftly annulled and left her a militant campaigner for legalising divorce in Ireland.

The Assembly Hall concert starts at 7.30pm and tickets are available from the box office on 01903 820500.

FRANCES Black - an Irish star promising to make it big in Britain.