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From The Sunday World Mag

Did you always want to be famous?
Rob in Slane.
To be honest, I never ever thought I would be a singer. I always thought I would go in to childcare in some form or other.

What is your favourite song of all time?
Sinead in Galway.
I don't really have one favourite song there are too many great songs to choose from.

When will you be playing in the west again?
SWM reader.
I'm playing in LIT Millenniun Theatre in Limerick on Nov 23 and West County Hotel in Ennis on Nov 29.

Do you have any pets?
SWM reader.
I have a lovely collie called Blackie. I love him loads.

Do you ever wish you toured more in the States?
SWM reader.
Well, not really. Up to now! didn't want to be away from my kids. But now that they are grown up I think I am going to be touring more in the US.

What singer would you love to do a duet with?
SWM reader.
Definitely James Taylor. I've loved him since I was about 14 .To sing with him would be a dream come true.

You look younger than ever, what is your secret?
Thank you so much. What a lovely compliment. I honestly don't have any secret. I don't use any fancy creams or anything like that. Make up helps a lot.

Do you think programmes like Pop Idol make it is easier for young singers to make it?
SWM reader.
No, I think it is more difficult for good singer songwriters to make it. It seems the Record Companies are looking for a certain package so it's hard for young people starting off in the business. There is so much talent in this country it is amazing.

When you meet your fans on the street what kind of reaction do you get?
SWM reader.
People are always very nice me. Irish people arc great like that, they would just ask for an autograph and have a little chat but are never too intrusive.

What is your favourite song that you sing?
Kern, Cork
It's hard to answer that question but if am asked to sing at a session I'd always sing "Heart like a Wheel". I love the words. I've never recorded it but maybe some day.

What CD Is in your player at home at the moment?
Marie, Co Limerick.
I have a three CD player and I have a band called King Sativa, a great Irish Reggae band James Taylor Hourglass and Briege Murphy, The Sea, she's a great singer songwriter from Forkhill County Armagh.

Do you believe in God?
Susan, South Dublin.
Yes.I definitely believe there is something there looking after me.It's a nice feeling.

Have you ever met Francis Black of the Pixies?
Hugh in Cork
No I'm afraid I have never met Francis Black or any of The Pixies, maybe some day.