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Lying In My Bed

Eoghan Scott
Lying in my bed I see your eyes are closed You're quiet in the corner And nothing's ever said Except for when I get on my knees And pray to God for Calmness in my head The peace of mind just helps me Get some sleep And makes my mind go dead But then when I awake I take a little peek Chorus And there you are standing there With your hands in your pockets And your silver hair You warn me of dangers in life But you scare me... You scare me I wake up suddenly But I can still hear the drone Of your voice in my mind You're being good I see And all you're trying to do Is to be so kind Please don't set me free I'm happy to be here Under your protection But when you come to me Please could you try And use a little more affection Chorus What were you trying to say You weren't too clear now But whatever you say I'll obey 'Cause I don't want trouble no more I don't want trouble no more I don't want trouble no more I don't want trouble no more You scare me

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