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All That You Ask Me

Kieran Goss
All that you ask me is that I remember That I remember what we've been through All that I'm saying is that I remember That I remember you Some people say that miles makes no distance Miles is the distance between you and me And watch out for love it's not gold cos it glistens And cheap reminiscence ain't worthy of you If it's not all or nothing it's not worth the giving Love's not worth the living till it's put to the test And no guarantees doesn't mean I'm not buying Just means we keep trying even more than the rest There's no sadness in leaving if you leave for a reason The best of all reasons is to come back again And tears in the morning can bring joy in the evening If you just keep believing that love finds a way

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The Black Family


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Frances Black and Kieran Goss
- Track 14 -
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