Frances Black "Talk To Me"

By John O'Regan
From Rock 'N Reel

FRANCES BLACK's first solo album is an important record in many ways. It sees her finally "Coming of age" as an artist. It also speculates on her future direction. Certainly her record to date has been impressive(Arcady, Duet with Kieran Goss, Woman's Heart) but this is the acid test. The material fits her voice like a glove with Christie Hennessey's "ALL THE LIES THAT YOU TOLD ME" and John Lennon's "INTUITION" and several new Nanci Griffith songs displaying her evident powers. However it's masterfull Virice Gill song "COLDER THAN WINTER" that she pulls out all the stops. A remarkable first effort with FRANCES emerging as a stylist in her own right. Marvellous.