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Listen To The Rain

Michelle Burrowes
She called to tell you she was going away You started crying and you begged her to stay I thought you were mine guess I made a mistake I waited patiently for your heart to change You've got a history I could never erase I thought that time would make her spell on you fade Chorus I listen to the rain fall, like tears down my face I listen to the rain fall, to wash them away I listen to the rain fall, to cover my pain I listen to the rain fall, and I whiper your name The day I met you, you were falling apart Out in the daylight you were lost in the dark I saw sunshine you saw only a spark That night I held you close and rocked you to sleep I've started fallin' now I've fallin' too deep I thought you were mine Seems you weren't mine to keep Chorus When sleep can't find me at night I turn my radio on But love songs just make me cry Reminding me that you're gone Chorus (2x)

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